T-ing off coconuts

The winds are changing. Scirocco is dead and a new car has been launched by VW synchronously. Fitness seems to have taken over people and in a flash, it’s trending. Everyone on Instagram is suddenly a fitness guru. Broccoli has replaced cauliflower. Coconut oil seems to be the new fad. Continue Reading


Rahul was throwing a party. Just like he had thrown his money down the exhaust pipe of his S-presso. The funny thing was that he was throwing it on account of the new car. I kinda knew that Rahul was slow, but the celebration of his new purchase was lost Continue Reading

Out of the Blue

I hate motorcycles. I just can’t understand the purpose of exposing yourself to the elements that earth has to throw at you. Now throw in dozens of imbeciles pottering along highways showcasing their buffoonery on two, four, six, eight or twelve wheeled motors, the prospect of being on two wheels Continue Reading