We travelled to Goa. I would have loved to have the ABC of travel controlled by yours truly, but the gang had different ideas. Well, that’s the problem with ideas, everyone seems to have one; and thanks to the thankless democracy that we operate in, it’s generally put to vote. Sadly the multi-party system of voting ensured that I lost by a substantial margin. So we flew. I replaced my cape with a mask and quietly buckled in with a scowl that no one could see, thanks to the mask and the face shield. A freakishly large amount of people had masks on their chins, I thought to myself that I might have as well added a wiper to my face shield. Anyway, we made it to Goa.

About ABC, I love having command of the Accelerator, Brake and Clutch everytime we plan a holiday. For me, it makes the holiday more complete. Rubber on tarmac and any other composite that we call roads in India, is a definite mood lifter. We had to get ourselves a motorised machine to help get to the place of tranquility, so we rented a self-driven car. No no…not like the Tesla thing, but a more rudimentary form of transport. A people carrier was in order, given the six people who were being transported. An Innova it was, the perfect people carrier.

Now, I have been a massive advocate of controlling the revs and gear shifts, so we got a manual transmission (this devious little scheme exterminated four drivers as only two of us could handle a manual shift). The difficult part was to get Rahul away from hogging the wheel but I managed that, thanks to some more cloak-and-dagger techniques. On the road at last. A smile finally back. 

The smile faded quickly. The car was frightfully scary. Steering had to point North-West for the car to go somewhere remotely North. It took a while, and with some help with the Mariner’s Compass, I figured out the car’s dynamics. Oh! The joys of taming a badly behaved car…..the smile was back.

I have realised and discovered a lot of things, both physically and psychologically in Goa. From extreme parties to soulful introspection, a lot happens there. But this trip opened the bifrost to new realisation. The Arboreal bi-coloured Ant inflicts a fairly painful bite. I am not new to pain, being married for a while now. But this goddamn bite had me longing for a fight with my better half, lest that take away a bit of the pain. 

The critter bit me smack on the ball of my feet. My left foot was swollen with the pain making its way to parts I rather not discuss. Let’s just say it left me incapacitated in my left leg. After a while it hit me. Rahul had planted that ant right under my foot to dismiss my presence from behind the wheel…..that conniving little fellow!!! Or so I believed. Either way, I was in no position to drive with just one functional leg. Damn the misery.

Back to the ABC of driving. For the first time in my life, I was wondering the possibility of just rendering the AB of driving. The revs, the gear shifts, the red-lines were all shadowed by the pain of just not being able to drive. A tiny ant had made me realise the dexterity of automatic transmissions. This feeling lasted all of 24 hours until the sting relaxed. The pain quietly left me next morning like a great one night stand. I felt perfect in both my legs. 

Back to the ABC of driving. But this time with a little more respect for the AB of driving.