An analysis of James’ almost failed venture threw out a lot of rudimentary mistakes that most designers fail to perceive. In a relentless pursuit to create beauty, the beasts that cause a crisis are commonly overlooked. The issue with James was just the same. But then, aren’t designers and creators of brands entitled to just pursue their quest for beauty? 

In the larger gamut of things, statistics and study has shown that the creative community is just not wired to soak in the mediocrity of the technical stuff that goes on in the shadows. Justifiable? Yes! Precise? Definitely not!

Creation of an apparel range incorporates a multitude of activities that help put life into an initial sketch or a design. Technology plays a significant part in today’s fashion. Something, that in the current ecosystem, cannot, and should not be taken lightly. 

In the contemporary era, retailing has assumed new forms; throw e-commerce into the mix, and you have a heady cocktail that can knock most people senseless. The tech generation needs something that puts a method to the madness…hence, the rise of tech packs. 

A slight smile was beginning to form on James. A consciousness that he, as a designer, could essentially do what he is great at and leave the technical and manufacturing aspects to competent partners! 

It’s simple really… packs aid and abet manufacturing. A few key accomplices along the way and you have the perfect crime! ☺

Let me simplify things and put pen on paper. What does a tech pack comprise of? 

  • Rendered Illustration – Flat Sketch (Front and Back)
  • Color Combo – Various Color Options of the Garments 
  • Stitching & Construction Detailing (Front and Back)
  • Graphic / Print Detailing Including Pantone Color 
  • Embroidery / Appliqué / Other Embellishment Detailing
  • Washing Detailing (Wash Care and Other Washing – Ironing and Care Instructions)
  • Trims & Packaging Detailing
  • Branding Details
  • Graphical Measurement Details with Spec-Sheet Pointers
  • Measurement Spec Sheet and Size Gradation 

Tech packs, in a nutshell, are the elementary details, generally overlooked which are curated and baked in to the structure, providing a fantastic foundation on which any brand can be built!

James had a sheepish look on his face. The smile said it all. The process of rebuilding had begun. And this time, he was determined to do it right…..of course, with some help from his friendly neighbourhood Techman!

A pat on the back and quite a few single malts later, the illumination was complete….we had truly begun our march towards redemption!!