Guess the answer is quite obvious! Obvious! The most overused word in recent times with absolutely no reference to the obvious. But then, I thought why not just join the bandwagon and stoop down to some idiocy….might make for some good reading. Idiocy is an art that I have been trying to perfect for a decade now!! But, every time I say to myself….’wow that was some serious bullshit’, some talented low life beats me at it. But I am not the one who gives up easily…hence I assumed that I can write about moonshine that idiots relate to.

Exasperating as it can be, idiocy is a full time job! While I was at it, I had this wondrous realization that if I am an idiot…..and I proof myself…I might have created something that is quite idiot proof! But I am an idiot……, I decided to get help (Google refused to help me here, forcing me to actually find an expert). 

So, here’s the deal! I scour the surface and presto, find James stumbling around the complex maze of tech packs. The catacomb has well and truly devoured our good ol’ James. 

James, as it stands, fell prey to the ease that most people portray while sticking something complex to somebody! 

Get the right tech pack and execution partner and you can afford to meditate! Anything else, you better have some serious medication in tow!

The curse of being smart!!! I can do this shit! This is easy peasy! Really James? Think again!

So, after I had finished laughing my backside off, turned to James and said….’watch this space, might revive your idea of creating a brand’……..and headed off into the sunset.