Man walks into bar. Man orders drink. Man downs it. Man orders one more. Downs it too. Man downs one too many. Man feels like God. Man sees Dexter. Man has a Man to Man (M2M) showdown with Dexter. Showdown! Not exactly…man pounds Dexter to a bottle of freshly squeezed pulp. Dexter crawls back home.

‘Things’ used to be quite simple in the days of Man to Man (M2M). Discussions and resolutions were largely concluded in a dignified manner or by a great left hook. Someone hit you; you hit him back. These
things used to be quite civilized. Today, you can do more ‘things’, I am told.

Now, about the ‘things’ today…..things can be anything! Dexter tells me it can be an implant, a bio-chip, sensors or just about any smart device. The line that he spat at me still resonates in my head; inextricable mixture of hardware, software, data and service’ he said. Yikes!

M2M today has a brand new meaning. I have been given to understand that it is Machine to Machine. The good ol’ left hook has been replaced with sensors, actuators, electronics, software and a few other really dangerous sounding words. Now these really dangerous words actually talk to each other and create a sinister cyber-physical system that goes beyond the simple M2M. It’s an honest, lovely little scheme, offering the nerds to hit back at the dumb quarterbacks that tormented them through college.
Revenge is sweet.

Dexter plans revenge against man! He sequences the toaster to talk to his television. Television toasted! No more ESPN….Muhahahahahahahaha (Evil laugh)! Man has no clue why he’s staring at a blank screen with a carton of beer for company. Blank screen; a blank look; it just doesn’t add up to man. But then, addition was never his strength to begin with!

The payback sequence had begun…..

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