Nestling in a quaint little alley all but a stone’s throw away from the regular humdrum of life, stands Joe’s. With a history traversing over two decades, Joe’s is quite popular with the townies. 

As I made my way through the sea of people, lost in my canopy of thoughts, little did I expect to bump in to a colleague from my past? Tom Collins!!….like the drink!! Yes…exactly. Just the man I did not need at this moment. A popular little prick, with all the nice chicks!

But, there he was, with his cocky smile all gone, shoulders drooping and stubble straight from hell. Tom! I called out…a pregnant pause….a shrug of the shoulder and a weak smile! Holy hell, I thought. This wasn’t the Tom I knew. After a quick round of pleasantries, I shoved my card up his mouth and asked him to use it….’Call me, we’ll talk’ I said. Heck no! I wasn’t passing up this opportunity to play God! 

A quick sprint and I was at Joe’s. 

Another weak smile; our good friend James! 

Two espressos later we got talking. James might have an outside chance of making this stick I thought. What followed was me attempting a Moses…..not the Ten Commandments, but a quick parting of the clouds that shrouded James.

Excerpts from my sermon on Tech pack design and Manufacturing ☺ 

Statutory warning: This is serious technical shit!

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I had quietly slipped in my branding to James! ☺ He needed a saviour……I gave him a chance at redemption! The partnership was perfect. 

Let’s begin rebuilding, I told James. The plan was already taking shape in my head….’Maybe’ had a new definition. 

Four more expressos, I yelled…