Accountancy class had just begun. We were getting debited by seemingly insurmountable questions while the first credit of the day happened. A cheery face at the window was deliriously waving his hands in my direction! Trying my best to remain calm, I tried focussing on the chapter that was being ranted on. No luck! The waving only got more frantic.

I decided to try my hand at stupidity; something that was never more than a handshake away with me. I raised my hand to ask the most illogical doubt one could ever fathom. Why? So that I could get ejected out of the lecture. My devious plan was put in motion and with a bit of help from the gods of stupidity, I finally managed to achieve my goal. I was asked to get out. without much ado I walked out of the classroom…my casual saunter changed to a gallop the moment I was out of the door.

I ran to reach the frantic hand waving! What’s with the excitement I asked? Breathlessly, I was informed of a new car that had made its way to the showroom. I was left speechless…and while my brain was working on getting my vocal cords sorted, I decided to activate my legs instead. We began sprinting towards the college gate and to the showroom across!! 

I’m pretty sure if someone had timed our run that day, we would have easily made it to the olympic team….or perhaps that discussion is better parked for a different day. But I’m sure that we could have given more seasoned athletes a run for their money that day….quite literally speaking!!

Fortunately, our Bangalore of 1998 did not have the unruly traffic that everyone talks about these days. We made it across to the showroom without any incidents.

That’s when I set my eyes on him; something that would leave me in a state of constant dilemma for the next decade. It was love at first sight. In 1998 this would have been taboo…..given that 2019 is a more liberal year with same gender love not sneered upon, the time is ripe to actually come out of the closet. 

The lines on him were masculine. The stance was high and confident. I felt his presence even without fully entering the space he was standing. Not definitely not a ‘she’, this one!! And I still could not help falling in love. I remember making my way through the horde of people trying to keep me away from him….to touch him; to feel him….to be as one in him!

What felt like a lifetime, was probably 25 steps. 

I was finally there. The emotions ran wild; my gaze uncontrollable. All I wanted to do was hug him and tell him how much I loved him. But that was 1998….and I was forced to restrain my innermost emotions and act civilized.

I stared at him in awe, not wanting to break my eye contact with his headlamps! Twin! The most gorgeous thing that I had set my eyes upon. No makeup, no frills or fancies, just rugged and straight lined! As I walked gingerly to open his door, I could feel myself surrendering to him completely. The first time that I sat in him and held the steering wheel, I knew our love affair would be a long and arduous one!

A decade went by. I kept reasoning to myself that it’s not acceptable to accept being in love with him. My fleeting thoughts were more difficult to comprehend than the previous statement!

Fast forward to 2011. One fine morning, the date which I can’t seem to remember, I finally made up my mind to unite my soul with the love that I carried hidden for all these years. I decided that I had to break free of the social shackles and give in to my innermost desire. 

I had to possess him. No more waiting under the sun. I walked into the showroom one morning with the calmness of a monk, something I could do that day because an old monk had counselled me the night before!

Heart-rate stable. Pulse rate 94 bpm. Gaze fixed. Cheque signed…… 

Possession taken. Keys handed over. I tread longingly towards the tall, black and handsome figure waiting to be united with me. As I get into the driver’s seat an overwhelming sense of fulfilment takes over….He’s mine at last!

I insert the key to the ignition and crank the engine to life……first ride of the rest of my life!