Monday Morning Muses

Earth! The third rock from the Sun. It’s a place where you encounter Monday. It generally slots in after two great days. Day!? What’s that now? It’s a 24 hour cardinal time precinct that an earthling has. For what? That’s another interesting topic of conversation….let’s just park that for a rainy day. 

Now, coming back to Monday; Monday is the evil cousin of Sunday and is largely responsible for depraved moods. Monday’s evilness is so evil that it hurts! 

I just happened to meet Monday this Monday! A cocky chap this guy. In hindsight I feel I should have punched his face; let him know a few things about us Saturday and Sunday lovers. Alas, was too reticent, lest he comes back at me with a vengeance next Monday. The constant fear of Monday normally subdues the knight who is itching to ride onwards to war.

So I decide to sit Monday down over a steaming hot cup of coffee to understand his malignant nature. 15 minutes in to the conversation I realize it’s a bad idea this. I was better off downing 3 large single malts! Alas! I realized I still had a good 7 hours to go before I rid myself of this monstrosity; I decided to play along…. definitely I was better at playing the fool, but what choice did this state of affairs provide? 6 hours!

Monday droned on about how great Monday really is! True that. Which other day does your brain augment more profanities? This is when I started appreciating Tuesday…. this chap didn’t sound that bad now. 5 hours!

My mind then wandered off to Wednesday; what a non-committal chappie; nondescript and sneaky to boot! Grasped the simple fact how cleanly he slots himself right in the middle and gets away unnoticed…. smart one this. 4 hours!

I glimmer of hope as I thought of Thursday. I quite like this guy; the additional gossip page in your local newspaper taking away the morbid seriousness of the week. The mind began to relax and a small smile started forming. 3 hours!

Yay! TGIF! The cheerful jester uplifting sordid moods for centuries now! The bridesmaid to the weekend; Q to Bond; Donald to Trump…oops! Not quite right…let’s start again. Actually enough said…I was beaming with a toothy grin! Happy days were around the corner! 2 hours!

The mother of all days; Saturday!!!!!!! What a blissful word. I should have quietly married her and my life would have been one long weekend. Like all things, most situations look great in hindsight. But what the heck! It’s the weekend!!! Yippee! 1 hour!

Now this Sunday is split in two…the first half reminisces the great Friday and the blissful Saturday. Well, the second half!!! Who do we have…our good friend Monday. This harbinger of doom, I gathered, is always lurking around the weekend…. every week at that! Sleazy guy this one!

Boom! That’s when it hit me in the face; when the dust had settled I accepted the metaphorical truth about life. We all have our Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays happening week on week. It’s a circle that goes on and on…. turning the wheels of our existence. It’s fantastic when I managed to see the cosmic mix of effects and a myriad mixture of emotions that presented itself over a period of 7 days. It was something that I did not want to miss out on! 

I said cheers to life and invited Monday over for a steaming cup of coffee next Monday!

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