Where did I come from Dad? asked the greenhorn. The expression was a heady mixture of excitement, ambiguity & anticipation. It was for a while that our new generation, clever ‘ol greenhorn was considering asking this to the more erstwhile and weather beaten dad. 

Rewind to the earlier evening. 

Our greenhorn rolls out looking dapper in custom fit clothing, shiny new accessories and a shmuck grin on the grill. With an air of impudence, all from the feeling of having conquered some really harsh terrain the night before, our hero makes his way past a series of forlorn and conquered machines. Rolling on, our knight spots a shadowy figure sauntering away quietly into the shadows. 

Downshifting, while activating the turbo charger, he speeds up to catch the shadowy figure. With the all new CRDe, the outcome is predictable and our hero swiftly makes his way past the retiring form.

Dad!!! What are you doing here?? And why were you furtively looking around the corner?? Asks our all conquering hero. Hmmmmm…I was invited for today’s strut and roll masquerade. I was one of the guests of honour along with that gracious gentleman in the corner, says dad. 

Our hero spins around looking for the gracious gentleman and spots a dignified old man standing majestically under the streetlight; still looking strong and rugged as ever! Granddad!! He yells!! What a surprise!! He quicklys doubles over to the elder statesman and gives him a big ‘ol hug.

Looking great kid, and doing the same is what I hear from the critics! says granddad. Dad rolls over with a grin. Heard good things about you son! And both of us feel really proud. Hahaha..Thanks…..You know what, let me show you something, says our greenhorn; he smoothly drives around a steep rock, works his way through slime and puddles effortlessly and drives back to granddad. All the things that I can do….and the ease in which I accomplish those tasks, I always wondered….Where did I come from Dad?????

Cut to the present. 

Let me quickly tell you a story……..says dad with a wink.

It was a raging hot day with the khamsin playing wicked; the visibility was almost zero and shelling was a little too close for comfort. In blind conditions and barren land, laden with rocks and mirages, a heroic figure made his way past tanks and bullets with a sole purpose of getting the soldiers across to safe territory. In the maddening chaos of the mid-day sun, a calm figure did just that…and that was just one of the million times he had done that. In fact, the frequency of his gallantry was so near-spread that the army made him the torch-bearer for many perilous expeditions that happened under the radar. I would request you to bow your fender to your granddad, the CJ3B, protagonist of many successful missions and a highly decorated war hero!

And as for your dad, he was born of difficult times and did his best to assist the army and the common man to do things and go where they dared not to tread. He managed trails that most 4 wheelers avoided like the bubonic plague! He’e been shot at, battered by many tanks, bruised by blows of surface to surface missiles; but he’s soldiered on; and even to date, the MM540 is revered by the Indian army.

So my son, this is your time to write your own story and ensure that the legacy of the Mahindra Jeep is intact! Also, someone told me that you have been going around saying that you hate tar! Eh! Eat heavy terrain for breakfast, but go easy on dinner son….tar’s good sometimes…even if you are Thar!

Right you are dad, says our Thar. Let’s get our dashboards muddy old guys….come on; You’re on, says granddad revving his engine and dad follows suit with a bumpers up. Let’s eat some terrain…just because we can! Hahahahaha! And you know what…this is how one Lives Young & Lives Free!!!