It’s amazing how we are fooled into thinking everything is so easy and simple. Thanks to Walt Disney, it’s cute as well.

It was just the other day that I was returning home from an arduous day at work, when I precipitously realized that I was supposed to call someone! The problem was that I had forgotten whom to call. Well, as the evening progressed, I apprehended that it was the least of my concerns. I had actually forgotten to get dog food!!!!!!!!!!…and I was making my way home to meet an incredibly articulate lady, who also happens to be my wife, to explain how I was unable to summon up enough memory to execute a very simple task of picking up dog food.

An improbable happening made my misery complete! I received a call……..

‘Hello’, I said……silence at the other end…..another few agonizing seconds of silence…..

‘You were supposed to call me back’….it all came back to me now! Hello James! James! James! Damn…how could I forget such an important call back.

Ok, let’s now quickly switch to third person:

James wanted to design an apparel range. One of the ‘simple’ ones that is so easy. Our detailed conversation revealed a complex set of questions which brought the beast to life. The monster that we all overlook while we think of creating a brand new world order…among other things!

Well, thinking of creating an apparel range is simple. Getting the right support, starting from tech-packs, to design, to execution, to shipping and finally holding your concept, as a product, in your hands is a photosynthetic process! Let me throw some light on it….

It all starts with an idea.

Then comes the difficult part of bringing that idea to life! Few basic nuances, the right approach, the precise technology partner and a bit of prayer, which always helps, will help bring the idea to life.

It’s really as easy as that! But, only if you make the right choices with tech-packs, design and manufacturing. That is something which I intend to cover over the next few sermons on the subject ☺☺

Beauty is easy to find, if only the beast has been addressed!