Let’s face it; waking up in the morning is no fun. So as I lumbered around in my bed pondering on the day’s schedule, a fleeting thought caught my fancy. A believer in the potency of early morning ideas, I decided to give James a shout.

James, the eternal Bond that he is, was still trying to find a solution to his complications. Of course, they were all self-inflicted with a kink towards idiocy. In his eagerness to create beauty, James had quite unintentionally formed the beast, which was now, slowly but surely, eating into his ideas and creativity. I decided to offer my services to try and bring his project back in line.

It was a gloomy day. Armed with a pullover and a piping hot cup of caffeine, I gingerly made my way to my desk. A few cursory hellos, small talk over coffee and I was ready to begin my day. The day, I realized, was going to be an eventful one when my phone rang. Listening to Mozart’s 40th symphony in G minor and with a familiar name flashing across my phone’s screen, I smiled to myself.

James had hit a wall. He was balefully caught in a web of deception. The dark clouds of failure loomed large.

“Maybe I can try and put together your fragmented pieces,” I said. Just a ‘maybe’, only because I knew in the depths of my heart that James had pushed it too far….a tad too far. He had taken a brilliant concept and run that to the ground almighty. 

I distantly remembered our conversation at Joe’s coffee shop, a month ago. There was James, all full of life, doling out a dazzling idea of an apparel range, which, you know what, just needed production!!! Are you sure I asked…

Cut back to the present day! As it goes, James realized it wasn’t just about production. A great design or an idea needs a soul mate to help execute and breathe life into the range. Here, the soul mate answered to the name of a tech pack designer; someone who could visualize and manufacture what James had conceived!!!!

So, with a ‘maybe’, hope in my heart and a spring in my step, I picked up my cup of coffee and said…..’James, see you at Joe’s in 30’………