Where did I come from Dad? asked the greenhorn. The expression was a heady mixture of excitement, ambiguity & anticipation. It was for a while that our new generation, clever ‘ol greenhorn was considering asking this to the more erstwhile and weather beaten dad.  Rewind to the earlier evening.  Our Continue Reading

Interdicted Love

Accountancy class had just begun. We were getting debited by seemingly insurmountable questions while the first credit of the day happened. A cheery face at the window was deliriously waving his hands in my direction! Trying my best to remain calm, I tried focussing on the chapter that was being Continue Reading


Man walks into bar. Man orders drink. Man downs it. Man orders one more. Downs it too. Man downs one too many. Man feels like God. Man sees Dexter. Man has a Man to Man (M2M) showdown with Dexter. Showdown! Not exactly…man pounds Dexter to a bottle of freshly squeezed Continue Reading